We offer immediate Energy Conservation Training courses for businesses of all sizes. To learn more, visit our online training course store. Our courses allow you to ask the instructors questions during the courses and several months afterwards at no additional charge.

Energy Conservation Training is essential for most businesses. We often see businesses with untrained staff, confusing Energy Conservation, with Green Energy. This is understandable since our culture and society, in general, does not understand this field very well. “ Green Energy ” creates energy, where Energy Conservation, on the other hand, SAVES energy from needing to be used in the first place.

Green Energy can certainly reduce your energy costs, in some cases considerably, but with a tremendous initial investment, a cost that many businesses cannot afford. When a well-run business makes major capital expenditures they expect a reasonable return on their investments. If the full capital ROI is not achieved within a few years, the business has wasted money. Sadly, Green Energy , while a noble effort at pollution control and energy bill reduction, is very costly in regard to your ROI, and that’s including the deep subsidies that are typically offered by the various government agencies.

Real Energy Conservation begins with proper Training . At this point in our culture of “higher education”, it is surprising that ALL colleges that offer business degrees do not offer Energy Conservation Training courses . And in those that do, the instructors are often lacking real world experience. If such courses are offered, they typically base their course curriculum on “business models”, rather than on real life proven practices. If you were fortunate enough to have had access to such courses in college, you will likely have noticed that these courses are designed as intro information with the purpose of trying to impress upon the student that Energy Conservation Training exists and is needed . But college can only point us in the direction of Energy Conservation. The rest, like everything else in life, is dealt with on the job. Thus, it is up to each business to implement good Energy Conservation practices .

“Businesses” are only empty shells of financial and service structure; the real heart of any business is its people. It is those people who are responsible for good stewardship of the environment, of the business itself, and of the business finances.

Find a solid online Energy Conservation Training company and select all the courses you can that fit the needs of your company. Not all Energy Conservation Training Courses are fit for all companies.

What’s a good fit for your company? First you want to be able to have access to the Energy Conservation Training Courses 24/7 . Next you want to have access several months after completing each course. Third point is to have a course that is convenient and can be done on nearly all online devices without needing to download and install an annoying memory consuming “app.” Your staff should be able to have access to the purchased courses any time, from anywhere, and from any device made in the past eight to ten years. You want your staff to be able to ask the instructors of the courses questions and get a response within one working day. You want your staff to have access to their test scores. They should offer an optional course manual. The course should have valid course credits of 0.3 CEU / 3.0 PDH or better. And each staff member that is enrolled in an Energy Conservation Training Course should receive an official certificate at completion properly acknowledging that they have successfully completed the Energy Management Training course . If those items are not covered in the courses that you are considering then you might want to look elsewhere.

A proper Energy Conservation Education has far more value than the small cost of the courses your staff will be taking. Energy Conservation Training will save most business tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the long term. And if your business has a large energy budget the savings can easily go in to the hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. Most people would be surprised at the stories some people have about how much energy they had wasted before taking Energy Conservation Training Courses .

For a small price of training your key employees in each department you can save huge. And for the many businesses who are operating marginally in the red, taking some good Energy Management Training Courses can take those companies back into the black!

Don't forget to check your Sales to Energy Ratio! . A great SER can save you more than you would expect.
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Energy Conservation Training
Preparing Organizations & Individuals To Confront Their Environmental and Energy Challenges, Today & Tomorrow
Why Now?

‣ Every residential, commercial, and industrial facility uses power!
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Heating, cooling, lighting, machinery, transportation... The list goes on and on. It was only recently that businesses came to realize that the consumption and cost of energy can be managed and dramatically reduced in almost every case.
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‣ Over the last several decades we have watched energy consumption climb.
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Demand has grown as population has increased and new economies emerged and prospered. This escalation of demand came with a recognition that traditional sources of power are finite.
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‣ Greater demand has also created new industries, strategies, and efficient technologies.
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This in turn produced new jobs as alternate and renewable power sources became commercially available.
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‣ Add to the growing demand, the consequences of increased energy consumption and carbon emissions.
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Our climate has become a worldwide concern. Globally, governments are alarmed and media attention has intensified and become relentless.
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‣ It is clear that while every country, company, organization, and individual is using energy, they all want to use less.
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It's obvious that the field of energy management is wide open to anyone interested in starting a new career or adding to their existing skill set.
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‣ The need for energy management and efficiency professionals is exploding!
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Whether you are looking for a new career in Energy Management or just to differentiate your résumé as a Certified Energy Efficiency Professional (CEEP®), Master’s Academy can provide the training needed to set you on the right path.
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If you are looking to start a sustainability program or reduce energy costs for your company, Masters' Academy can lend a hand. We offer a free mentoring program designed to get you on track, the right track, right from the beginning!
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